I always tell my patients "A dermatologist is only as good as their pathologist." Dr. Millns makes me the best dermatologist I can be! I am astounded that they call me regarding ominous results themselves. They always take my calls, are so easy to talk to and always answer my questions.

My diverse practice has seen many rare lesions and diseases. Dr's Millns is so comfortable with rare and odd things. I am confident in all they do for me.

Barbara Ash, MD
Merritt Island, FL

I am a Board Certified Dermatologist in private practice now for eighteen years in St Petersburg, Florida. From the very beginning of my practice, I have been submitting pathologic specimens to Gulf Coast Dermatopathology. I have always found their customer service, speed of processing, and most importantly, the quality of their dermatopathologists to be unsurpassed. The quality of pathologic services is very critical in this specialty since many diagnoses are a combination of clinical and pathologic correlation. Whenever there is a difficult case, I am able to speak directly to the pathologist, who immediately goes back and reviews the slide while we are discussing the case. The qualifications and abilities of their diagnoses, over time, have proven out to be exceptional. It is particularly helpful that their dermatopathologists practice clinical dermatology, as well. I could not be more pleased with their service in any facet. They are an asset to the community and quality of care for all of our patients. If there are any further questions regarding their service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

John F Kirk, MD
St Petersburg, FL

We have utilized the services of Gulf Coast Dermatopathology for over 25 years. Their level of professionalism and most importantly accuracy is immeasurable. Their pathologists are highly trained and always available to discuss cases. Gulf Coast's level of expertise is unsurpassed coupled with an excellent customer service department.

Ted Fotopoulos, MD
New Image Dermatology
New Port Richey, FL

Gulf Coast Dermatopathology provides rapid dermatopathology results I can trust with outstanding service and attention to details.

James Spencer, MD
St Petersburg, FL

I think very highly of GCDL and their personnel. I have been using GCDL for 25 years and am very pleased with their stellar level of quality services. The clinical experience of their board certified dermatology trained dermatopathologists assures me confident results.

J Cedric Thornton, MD
St Petersburg, FL

I have used Gulf Coast Dermatopathology Laboratory as my primary dermatopathology laboratory for the past 15 years. It has happened over time, as we have also used other laboratories and have been able to compare and contrast the quality of their services. Consistency, reliability and professionalism at all levels of interaction with the lab personnel, the courier, to the receptionist, and of course from Dr. Millns and his dermatopathology team have always been the norm. I have always been able to reach them with questions about challenging cases, where our conversation turns into a clinical-pathology "mini-grand rounds" reminiscent of an academic center training program. As I tell my patients, I trust the same laboratory for their biopsies that I would trust for my own skin, and that is Gulf Coast Dermatopathology.

Manual Hernandez, MD
Charlotte Harbor, FL

The pathologists at Gulf Coast Dermatopathology are very knowledgeable and accessible. Reports are delivered promptly and I appreciate being able to easily reach them to discuss challenging cases.

Joanne Montgomery, MD
Spencer Dermatology
St Petersburg, FL

Gulf Coast Dermatopathology is our preferred lab of choice. We fully rely on their accuracy and turnaround time. Dr. Millns is always available and their staff is professional and helpful.

Stephen Spencer, MD
Jeffrey Hunek, MD
Coastal Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center Port
Charlotte, FL

Discussing my complex cases with a Dermatologist-Dermatopathologist is extremely important to me. Gulf Coast Dermpath gives me that option. It makes me a better Dermatologist and helps me to provide superior care to my patients. I don’t need to worry about poor quality slide preparation or having my slides shipped to a doctor who is unknown to me. Speedy turnover of tissue report may be nice but quality work with a correct diagnosis is far more important. A differential diagnosis on the non-specific skin biopsies is helpful me as it can guide on further work-up and therapeutic options. Proper care for a patient must include the correct diagnosis and Gulf Coast provides that for me.

Wanda Boote, MD
St Petersburg, FL

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