Welcome Dr. Stoddard to GCDL

We would like to welcome Hugh Stoddard MD to our GCDL team. Dr. Stoddard joins our practice on 8/29/2022 Check the OUR TEAM page for his biography.

FSDS 2022

Please join us at the 2022 FSDS meeting at the Four Seasons in Orlando September 29-October 2. Stop by the booth and say hello. We are a proud sponsor of the FSDS.

FAD 2022

GCDL is a proud sponsor the FAD (Florida Academy of Dermatology) We are pleased to continue to support the Dermatology Community.

FSDS 2021

Gulf Coast is a proud sponsor of the FSDS. Please come by and visit our booth at the 2021 FSDS Meeting located at the Breakers in Palm Beach October 29-31.

Welcome Nikki Vyas, MD

Welcome Nikki Vyas, MD to the GCDL team. Dr. Vyas joined GCDL 7/1/2021 Check the OUR TEAM page for her biography.

FSDDS 2021

Join us at the 2021 FSDDS Meeting at the Breakers in Palm Beach. Visit our booth July 16-18. We are excited to see you all. GCDL is a proud sponsor of the FSDDS.

FSDPA 2021 Annual Meeting

GCDL is a proud sponsor of the FSDPA in Orlando May 14-15, 2021. Our first meeting since COVID 19 rocked the healthcare world. We love our PA's!

FSDS 2017 Annual Meeting 

GCDL is proud to be a sponsor for the FSDS annual meeting November 17-19 at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando. Stop by the booth and say hi!

GCDL and Modernizing Medicine

GCDL is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Modernizing Medicine to bring enhanced orders and results functionality to our clients with EMA. This feature will allow our clinicians the capability to send GCDL’s pathologists chart notes as well as clinical photos. The enhanced results will auto-populate the biopsy log for the clinician making the medical assistants job much easier. We are happy to be able to bring this functionality to our clinicians.

GCDL joins Aetna 

GCDL is very pleased to announce that they have secured Aetna participation.


Join GCDL at the FSDS meeting October 18-20 at the Breakers in Palm Beach.


Stop by and say hello to GCDL at the FSDDS meeting in Boca over the Memorial Day Weekend 2013

EMR/EHR Vendor Interface

Check out our current list of EMR/EHR vendors found on the download page. We invite you to contact GCDL to establish connectivity today!

GCDL presenting at FSDS

Stop by our booth at the FSDS meeting in Orlando November 5-7, 2010. We hope to see you there.

GCDL and the FSDS

Please visit the GCDL booth at the annual FSDS meeting November 6-8 at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, See you there


We are proud to announce that Michael Heaphy, M.D. has joined our laboratory. Please help us to welcome Dr. Heaphy

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